Our Harvest Carnival is coming up on Tuesday, October 31st and we are so excited to have some fun! This is a family event so please invite friends and family to attend. It will take place from 1pm – 2:30pm.

Click here to volunteer at the carnivalTicket Sales Details are as follows:

The week before the event (October 23 – October 26) there will be ticket sales before (8:15am-8:40am) and after school (2:20pm-2:45pm).  You can purchase presale tickets at these times.  If you purchase presale tickets you can get 5 tickets for $1. You can also purchase tickets with Box Tops, 10 Box Tops will get you 5 tickets. The only way to purchase tickets with Box Tops is to use a 10 box tops collection sheet and tape/glue the box tops to that sheet. Loose/unattached box tops will not be accepted as payment. Please click this link: Harvest Carnival Box Tops Info to read more about this and get your collection sheet.

If you would like to order tickets for your child but don’t want to worry about them holding on to their tickets for the event, you can pay for the tickets and then they will be given to your child the day of ticketthe event to bring with them to the carnival.

For parents that are unable to purchase tickets at the school the week before the event, you can purchase your tickets online. These are 4 tickets for $1. Click the ticket icon to be taken to the purchase page. THIS WILL CLOSE AT 10PM ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29th!!!!


We are looking for volunteers to help us at this event!!!! Please click on the SignUp button at the top right on this page which will take you to the Volunteer Sign Up page at SignUp.com or click here.

Carnival Booths

  • Balloon Animals – 4 tickets
  • Bean Bag Toss – 2 tickets
  • Bowling – 2 tickets
  • Coin Toss – 2 tickets
  • Craft Stick Spider Webs – 2 tickets
  • Crazy Hair – 2 tickets
  • Face Painting – 4 tickets
  • Feed the Pig – 2 tickets
  • Jewelry Making Booth – 4 tickets
  • Mini Golf Putt – 2 tickets
  • Musical Chairs – 1 ticket
  • Photo Booth – 4 tickets
  • Ping Pong Toss – 2 tickets
  • Ring Toss – 2 tickets
  • Spider Races – 2 tickets
  • Tattoo Parlor (tattoo stickers) – 2 tickets
  • Tin Can Smash – 2 tickets

Food and Drink Booths (subject to change)

  • Rita’s Italian Ice (Strawberry and Cherry Limeade) – $2 (cash only) or 8 tickets
  • Pizza Slices – $2 (cash only) or 8 tickets
  • Chips – $1 (cash only) or 4 tickets
  • Water Bottles – $1 (cash only) or 4 tickets
  • Cookies – $1 (cash only) or 4 tickets

Tickets will be sold at the carnival as well but it will be 4 tickets for $1 so buying in advance gets you an extra ticket per $1. Box Tops WILL NOT be accepted as payment at the carnival! No exceptions as I will have already submitted the Box Tops submission for the fall deadline.

Please contact Donelle at treasurer@innovationspto.org if you have any questions.