PizzaFlippin’ Pizza Thursdays

Every Thursday, starting September 6th we will be serving pizza lunch. Orders are taken monthly, the Monday before first Thursday of Month by 10pm is the cut off for the following month. There are no mid-month orders taken.

When we order the pizzas, we have the slices double cut so please keep that in mind when ordering. You can order slices of cheese, slices of pepperoni or gluten free pizzas with the following pricing:

1 Slice of Cheese Pizza plus fruit and veggie sides – $3.50
2 Slices of Cheese Pizza plus fruit and veggies sides – $5.50

1 Slice of Pepperoni Pizza plus fruit and veggie sides – $4.00
2 Slices of Pepperoni Pizza plus fruit and veggies sides – $6.00

Gluten Free Cheese Pizza plus fruit and veggie sides – $11
We do not provide slices of gluten free pizza, if you would like gluten free pizza you will need to order the whole pizza, which are roughly the size of personal pizzas.

When submitting your pizza order please make sure to mark through our drop down options yes or no for the days of the month that you will be ordering pizza, then when you have completed that part you will choose that many days to order and click Add to Cart.

If you have any questions regarding Pizza Thursday or are interested in setting up auto payment for the year, please contact us through our contact form, click on the Pizza Coordinator option and it will automatically forward your contact form to the correct person. Please do not email the ICE office with your pizza questions as they are not involved in the process. Thank you.

To submit your pizza order click here.order-pizza

Thank you!